“I wanted to ask Antony around his technique for interviewing/doing subjective examinations.
Antony described the common threads are acknowledging people and have them being understood.
“Your not star of the show, they are the star of the show”.

Understanding the impact helps Antony understand what they want me to do next.
It’s not client-centred care, it’s not client-focussed care, it’s client-directed care.

The client decides and leads the way. Antony describes how he has learned the skill to sit and be present. It’s not natural. It’s a practice.

Antony is passionate about constant questioning of what we know. This is the scientific way.
Antony isn’t looking for agreement, he wants to discuss it, but he hates being wrong! He encourages people to challenge him, he wants them to be free to ask anything, “lets talk about it”.

Antony would rather build his business on geometric progressions and exponential function. Trusting clients and empowering them.”

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