When people are experiencing pelvic health issues, they may be told to give up exercise or that certain movements are not appropriate or suitable for them to do. However, exercise may be important to clients beyond pelvic health issues, and there may be social and emotional impacts that restricting access to their usual exercise regime might have.

Pelvic health and movement and exercise are the focus of this episode. Anthony shares his approach to treating clients with pelvic health issues who want to get back into movement and exercise, as well as how he helps people he’s working 1:1 with as a physiotherapist. He also has some tips to help clients make necessary changes, and how we can empower them to continue their exercises outside their sessions with us. Shannon and Anthony also discuss why it’s important to have the connections to refer clients to the right professionals who can help them in a more specific and personalized way.

The above description is courtesy of The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

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