“We had the pleasure of sitting down with physiotherapists Susan Clinton and Antony Lo for this week’s edition of Two Knowbodies Talking. This was our first “destination” podcast in that Eric and I traveled out to Dr. Clinton’s clinic: Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness in Sewickley, PA. Antony, based out of Sydney, Australia, had come to Pittsburgh to teach a continuing education course with Susan and we were lucky enough to connect with both of them the night before their course began. In this episode we hit on: -Pelvic health for the general public -Pelvic health for the high level athlete -The importance of screening and history taking with a person you may suspect has a pelvic health issue -Accepting that results are happening, but challenging the “why” behind them happening -The importance of building trust with patients and how to empower them The above description is courtesy of Two Knowbodies Talking Podcast
Two Knowbodies Talking ยท Pelvic Health and Building Trust with Physios Susan Clinton and Antony Lo

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