“We talk many things including;

The “be afraid, be very afraid!!” nonsense with regards to diastasis recti needs to stop.

Soft doming Vs hard doming.

Why thinking about the muscle during exercise is the wrong way to approach an exercise.

Why diastasis is not an injury but an adaptation, and why that matters.

That diastasis recti is not a problem unless the person who has it says it is.

Whether diastasis leads to other issues such as lower back pain or if there’s a link between diastasis and pelvic floor problems.

Could diastasis during pregnancy actually be preventing prolapse? IOW, is diastasis actually a good thing, rather than something to be concerned about.

Why not everything people associate with diastasis is actually caused by diastasis.

Why a lot of terms used in post-partum recovery programs, such as “diaphragmatic breathing” actually don’t mean that much but just sound important.
And one of the BIGGEST fallacies in physio treatment/personal training etc. “If something is better after you’ve come to see me..that’s because I’m a genius! And if it didn’t work, it’s because YOU did something wrong”

And much more.”

The above description is courtesy of The Healthy Post Natal Body Podast

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