“This is one for those of you who are planning on staying active during pregnancy, as you’ll hear today’s topic mentioned no doubt when training and the advice and guidance can seem quite confusing at times. It’s also something thought to affect almost 100% of us by the time we give birth….so it’s pretty common! Today’s topic is Diastasis, or DRA.

Diastasis is one of the prenatal concerns I’m most asked about, and I understand why women are confused. The information available around Diastasis, particularly when exercising, is changing quite quickly, which is a good thing, and the language we use when talking about it is so important.

So, I am so grateful I get to speak to the super knowledgeable Antony Lo in this episode, and break down:

► What Diastasis is

► Why Diastasis happens

► How to train with a Diastasis

► And why we all need to stop worrying so much about Diastasis. 

This is an important episode for anyone who is nervous or confused about Diastasis, has had a previous diagnosis, or works with pregnant or postnatal people. I hope you find this episode helpful, and it helps free you from fear of movement.

The above description is courtesy of Bun in the Oven Podcast

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