Episode Notes:

What is a Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA)?

What is the connection between DRA and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and/or Low back pain ?

What kind of alignment positioning is best?

Let’s talk terminology; How do you define “tenting” “doming” Bulging” “coning”

Let’s talk about width vs. Depth of DRA, Which is important to focus on during exercise?

What do you say to women who ask “ Will my abdominals ever look the same?”

How important is it to be able to Generate tension through the linea alba? Are we doing what we think we are doing when we exercise to “close the gap?”

Functional Treatment- Train Movements NOT Muscles

At what level do we need to load and train during therapy?

Train for what you want to do?

Has any PT told you that they don’t really know why you may be feeling something??

The above description is courtesy of Your Pelvic Health Podcast

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