Antony Lo

Antony Lo is an experienced physiotherapist from Australia that works at the junction of Musculoskeletal, Sports, and Pelvic Health treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

Antony is also the founder of My PT Education, an educational platform dedicated to helping health and fitness professionals to “Do Something Different”.

He has been studying and working in Physiotherapy since 1993. During this time, he has earned his degree in Physiotherapy, a Masters in Physiotherapy, and took part in the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Specialisation training program – the highest form of training a physiotherapist can take in Australia.

Having successfully grown 2 private practices (Sans Souci Physiotherapy Centre and Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre), Antony sold these to concentrate on his Specialisation Training Program and developing educational courses for health professionals and the general public.

He still consults at 2 locations in Sydney seeing everyone from children to the elderly, as well as his sports-specific patients. He also travels internationally and teaches online to deliver seminar information and provide consultations for those interested in his approach. 

Antony can help you in a number of ways.

His unique skillset and approach allow him to help those in pain – from those with acute injuries to those with long-term chronic pain – and those who are interested in enhancing their performance for sport, work, or recreation. He mainly uses exercise, manual therapy, dry needling, and various other techniques to help his clients. A big emphasis is placed on teaching you about your condition, what to do about it and how to help yourself.

Antony has a special interest in women’s health which has led him to develop many courses that tear down traditional and outdated methods and replace them with a simple framework supported by the current research, which any health and fitness professional can follow to transform client outcomes and the industry for the better. 

Antony founded My PT Education in 2008 and has been delivering courses internationally since 2010.  He delivers courses on musculoskeletal/ortho, sports and pelvic health topics.  He co-hosts the Women’s Health Podcast and is a sought after guest for seminars and other speaking events.

Antony is a thought leader in his profession

Antony is recognised as one of the leaders in the fields of physical therapy and women’s health.

He is featured in the book “Movers & Mentors” and answers thought-provoking questions to provide personal and professional insights for the next generation of rehabilitation professionals.

In the book “After Birth”, Antony provides a contemporary, biopsychosocial approach to reframing the myths that postpartum women are exposed to after birth. 

Antony enjoys being a guest on podcasts, talking about topics as varied as postpartum health and Diastasis Recti to self-development and asking questions – click here to browse.